Ultrasound gel is liquid, generally used for ultrasound scanning for imaging diagnosis or ultrasound stimulator for treatment. BLUEMTECH which is a company developing high tech ultrasound treament machines aims at distributing high tech ultrasound Gel Pad that can be safely applied to any surface of parts of body, regardless of curved parts of body that are hard to apply existing liquid ultrsound gel through development of solid gel pad based on accumulated new ultrasound technology know-how so is excellentin usability, applicability and convenience in use.


Transparent WATERGEL

This product, return it to a transparent solid-state GEL PAD can watch the procedure and diagnosis.
Advantages: look at exactly where the affected area, and diagnostic procedures, and diagnosis can proceed.

Translucent WATERGE

YPE : CIRCLE / SIZE : 95mm X 95mm X 7mm
This product is a translucent to solid-state GEL PAD treatment and diagnosis can be.

How to use

1. Remove the packange.
2. By using hands, gently separate Gel Pad can be damaged or destroyed.
3. If you grab it too tightly, the Gel Pad can be damaged or destroyed.
4. Place gel Pad lightly, the Gel Pad can be damaged or destroyed.
5. Locate ultrasound probe gently on Gel Pad and Operate the Machine.
6. After diagnosing and treating, detach Gel Pad from skin and throw it away.

Application Examples body

Dorsum of hand/Instep
Neck, cervical region
Carotid artery
Finger / toe / nose / ears / nails, etc.
Other Superficial structures.


1. Convenient to use for diagnosis of any epidermal parts of body and treatment
■ Excellent delivery of ultrasund compard to existing ultrasound gel, regardless of curves in human bodym whjich are uneven( Excellent Ultrasound Transmission )

2. Unnecessariness of applying additional gel because of extended use in diagnosis and treatment : Maintaining convernience and accuracy
■ In case of existing liquid gel, additional gel application must be requjired after passing certaion time
- Occurrence of problems in drying amd evenly applying liquid gel( Inaccurate Ultrasound Transmission )

3. Disposable products considering hygiene and safety without pollution and infection
■ In the case of existion liquid gel, several people contact ultrasound probe
- causing infection and pollution
- contact pollution becasuse of simultaneous use of ultrasound gel and probe to skin by several people
- In the case of WATERGEL, contact pollution because of 1.5cm three-dimensional space between skin and ultrasound probe Underlying prevention:preventin polllution and infection ==> hygienic
- Wastion Gel Pad that you can throw away any time after use
■ Stability that ultrasound probe does not directly contact the surface of human body

4. Convenience in use, expansion of distribution and econonic feasiblility
■ Expansion of using wasting Gel Pad considering convenience in use, effectiveness, and price policy
■ The first in Korea and interansionally competitive price

5. Consistent and Even ultrasound Transmission
■ convenient to maintion ultrasund probe's the same contact strength through Gel Pad
- Use in gently contacting probe to Gel Pad
- In the case of existion liquid gel, it is difficult to apply probe becase of certion strength and pressure
( When treating and diagnosing, it is difficult to examine the body with ultrasound in the same physical conditiion )
( In the case of existion liquid gel, Ultrsaound Trasnsmission is inaccurate according to the amount of applied gel, contact strength and pressure between ultrasound probe and skin.)

6. Available to produce various thickness and size of Gel pads
■ Easy to release various types of different thickness of gel pad for medical scanning conditon and ultrasound stimulation treatment by disease and part of body

7. Resolving unplesantness of existiong liquid gel
■ Flexibility of well-bent Gel Pad with the feeling of soft cushion to pationts
■ Convenience and comfort that pationets feel when diagnosing by using ultrasound scanning and treatment.

8. Our company's WATERGEL is the best to apply ultrasound phonophoresis method, which is a technology to promote TDS by using ultrasound. ==> It resolved many variables and difficulties when using existiong liquid gel.
■ Convenient to apply TDS technology consistently, safely and effectively


BLUEMTECH's 'WATERGEL' Gel Pad is a disposable medical proct so when reusing it, it can cause low performance and efficiency (evaporation of water), pollution and Xanthosis.

Don't reuse the gel pad that has once used.

※ Only experts inthe related area can use the gel pad.
※ Avoid entering it into your eyes and touching it with your month.
※ When using it, don't allow pationts and guardians to put it in their month.

Measurement PDS

※ diagnostic imaging measures the actual screen (Madison, diagnostic imaging)

※ Water gel measured attenuation coefficient certification authority (measured). The major constituent body of WATER and similar.

'Water Gel Pad' major applications are as follows.

1. The field of ultrasound imaging - Diagnostic System - 'Couplant'
2. Laser treatment sector
3. Laser hair removal field
4. Mask Pack sector (Beauty)
5. Other special areas of
- Breast cancer diagnostic special ultrasonic field
- For Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Pad
- Special Membrane etc.