This product is a most advanced ultrasound technology is based on the Medical Technology & Bio Technology based on the realization of fusion technology have fused ultrasound and TENS treatment system was developed to meet the world market to the flow convergence feet 1,3 MHz ultrasound and TENS treatment system with the same Probe is a specialized system that is output from fusion, Probe power in the research field at the same time, the ultrasonic power and the advanced Display ODS (Output Display System) system.


Ouput Display System
TENS is a fusion of ultrasound and possible simultaneous treatment
Probe built by matching the frequency control mode
Ultrasound therapy system with
Each one 1,3 Mhz ultrasound probe


Ultrasound frequency: 1,3 Mhz
Maximum intensity ultrasound: 2W/cm2
The maximum time : 30Min
TENS frequency : 5 ~ 100Hz
Ceramic size: 30mm (1Mhz), 10mm (3Mhz)
Duty output: 10 ~ 100%
Input power: AC 110 ~ 220V
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃