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BLUEMTECH, as a R&D company, is a young venture company which has developed Solid Gel Pad instead of treatment system combing ultrasound and ultrasound liquid gel and currrently research on its applicability.

Globaly, along with entrance intoam aging society amd demand for improvement of more various quality of human life, types and treatment of pains become various and the population with pains tens to increase rpaidly.In addition, expenses for pain treatment and the financial burden on the nation or individual rises dramatically.

Therefore, the integrated treatment system for treatment developed by our comapny by keeping pace with the flow of the international market is a specialized machine which integrates two kinds of 1,3Mhz ultrasound probe with TENS, with high-tech Output Display System(ODS), which simultaneously displays ultrasound power and sound filed power examined in the probe.

We, BLUEMTECH,research its applicability to various areas using the integrated treament system and solid gel pad first develped in Korea and mainly concentrates on the fileld of Transdermal Drug delivery System(TDS).

We Will contribute to national economy and affluent life of human beings based on a high tech medical system with global competitiveness as it jumps as a professional TDS company and develops and researches its application on the basis of realizion of Medical Technology & Bio technology integration technology on a foundation of high-tech ultrasound technology.

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